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Donate here to contribute directly to the costs of innocence cases in Massachusetts and throughout New England!

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    Here are some testimonials from current and past runners about their experiences on the Running for Innocence team:

    20150430-DSCF3069From Angela: The experience I have had since joining the RFI team has been more than rewarding in many ways! Initially, I joined Running for Innocence solely to do whatever I could to support the cause. As a novice runner, I knew that my passion for the cause would need to be my primary motivation to be able to get through the challenge, and it has been. However, through my training experiences the last couple months, as well as the completion of my first ever half marathon, I have gained a new found joy in running. By joining the Running for Innocence Team,  I gained not only new passion, but new friendships in an amazing team. I also know that I am furthering awareness of wrongful convictions by helping to make this important cause known to people who may have never really thought about it, all while raising funds to support innocence cases. I look forward to the future with the RFI team and I know that together we can make huge strides for this remarkable cause!


    From Victor: I am very grateful to my team members, who feel like brothers and sisters to me already.  Their dedication to running and to helping innocent people receive JUSTICE is inspiring. Nothing in this life can be compared with freedom. Life without freedom, it is an empty tomb. Being a part of the Running For Innocence team has allowed me to COME BACK TO LIFE…Let’s continue running!



    1. Team before the Start IMG_8076


    From Lisa: By running the NYC marathon after fundraising for the Running for Innocence campaign, I felt like I was running it with all of the amazing people who contributed to my effort in mind, and it was their energy and support that kept me going. I also discovered the many parallels between long distance training and innocence work. Like long distance training, post-conviction innocence cases take months and sometimes years of persistence, an ability to recover from setbacks, and a stubborn unwillingness to accept defeat. Even when you achieve the impossible goal of convincing a trial judge to grant your client a new trial, your struggles may continue for years to come if your opponent decides to pursue an appeal. And after the litigation is completely over, your client is out of prison, and it finally seems that you and your client have crossed the finish line, what comes next — the years of healing and re-building and re-learning — that turns out to be its own sort of marathon. Discovering the parallels between my running and my work made the marathon experience that much more meaningful, and also inspired me to want to help form a team of other like-minded runners.


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