Because justice for the innocent is a marathon.

Make a difference by joining the Running for Innocence team!

Why join Running for Innocence?

No one should go to prison for a crime they did not commit.

The New England Innocence Project‘s (NEIP) mission is to free innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, and to bring public attention to the prevalence and causes of wrongful convictions.

Freeing innocent people requires investigation & experts.

Many of NEIP’s clients wait more than a decade for the chance to prove their innocence. Before a case can be brought to court, it often requires help from investigators and experts in many scientific and technical disciplines. As a non-profit organization, NEIP is responsible for raising the funds to hire the investigators and experts needed to bring innocence cases to court. Every delay means that an innocent person spends additional time in prison for a crime he or she did not commit.

Running for Innocence is one way to make a difference.

The Running for Innocence (RFI) team was formed in 2014 to support NEIP’s work of freeing the innocent and to build an inclusive and welcoming community for wrongfully convicted men and women. The team offers a way for runners to directly support the costs of investigation and expert case review of innocent men and women who remain behind bars, as well as to provide reentry support for those who have gained their freedom with NEIP’s help. Money raised by runners as part of the RFI team goes directly toward the costs of hiring the experts and investigators who give innocent men and women in New England a fighting chance to achieve justice and freedom.

The RFI team welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. Team members have participated in the Boston, Maine and New York City Marathons, the Newburyport River Run 1/2 Marathon, the Yankee Homecoming Ten Miler/5K, the Lexington Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K Run, and the Somerville Jinglebell Run.

Help us in our fight to free the innocent!

Our next event is coming up on November 6, when we will be participating in the 26th annual Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K in Lexington, MA. Join us!

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