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Support the Running for Innocence team on May 13, 2018 in Arlington, MA!



On Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 8:00 a.m., members of the Running for Innocence team will be participating in the Cause + Event 5K in Arlington to raise money for the Running for Innocence campaign of the New England Innocence Project, and to raise awareness for the importance of fighting wrongful convictions. Registration is now closed for runners and walkers, because the event organizers reached their runner capacity (1,000). But there are still lots of great ways to support Running for Innocence! 

Commit to come on race day & cheer on our registered runners!

Our team goal for this event is to have at least 32 race day participants on our team roster. Why 32? Because that’s the number of years that Victor Rosario – who inspired the creation of this team – spent in prison for a crime he did not commit.

So if you were planning to register for this event, and can commit to be there on race day and be counted as an official part of our race-day team, please email at and we will add you to our team roster.

Where & when?   Arlington Highschool, Arlington, MA, Sunday May 13 at 8:00 a.m.

Register symbolically by making a donation here!

Of course the other important goal of this amazing team is to raise money for the Running for Innocence campaign, so that the New England Innocence Project can pay for the experts and investigators needed to free the innocent. Making a donation – in the amount you would have paid to register ($30) or in any other amount you are able to contribute – will go a long way toward supporting this important cause.

Need a t-shirt? 

We will have great team shirts available for sale on race day, for $20. Here’s what they look like! 

Image may contain: people standingImage may contain: people standing

Thank you in advance for your support of the Running for Innocence team, and we hope to see you in Arlington on May 13!





Congratulations to Will Swenson for a PR in Boston, and thank you for kicking off the 2015 RFI campaign!


Will Swenson kicked off the 2015 Running for Innocence campaign by running a personal best in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20 and raising over $2,000 for Running for Innocence! You can still contribute to his wife Karen Swenson, who is running our next team event on May 31! Here is what Will says about his effort: “In addition to being just plain fun, running provides me with a daily dose of freedom: physical, mental and spiritual. For me, running truly represents the privilege and gift of freedom. That is why I am particularly excited to dedicate my 2015 Boston Marathon effort to the goal of raising money and awareness for the New England Innocence Project in its Running for Innocence campaign. The money I raise will help those who are wrongly convicted to secure their freedom. Every dollar raised will help pay the costs of hiring experts and investigators, without whom many innocent people will remain behind bars for crimes that they didn’t commit.” Click here to view his page, or simply here!

Thank you for supporting Running for Innocence!

2016 was a great year for Running for Innocence!

Our team expanded to include Kids Running for Innocence, an inspiring group of young people committed to the fight against wrongful convictions. Team members held a variety of fun and creative fundraisers, including a yard/bake sale, a dance party, and a strength training class for runners. Team members also completed many running events throughout the year, including the Boston Marathon, the Newburyport River Run 5K/Half Marathon, the New York Marathon, and the Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K run (where we placed first as a team!) We also held our first annual Freedom Run, a 25 mile run from Watertown to Lowell established to honor a birthday running tradition that team member Victor Rosario began when he was still in prison.     

Celebrating freedom and supporting innocence work!

Thanks to a special fundraiser organized with the help of team supporter and jazz singer Emma Zack, Running for Innocence was able to help send four amazing men, Ronjon Cameron, Angel Echavarria, George Perrot, and Victor Rosario, to this year’s Innocence Network Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Funds raised by the Running for Innocence team also supported fact investigations in several innocence cases, enabling lawyers to locate key witnesses who will help support their client’s innocence claims. 

The May 2016 challenge: Newburyport River Run 5K & Half Marathon 

In May, we ran the Newburyport River Run 5K and Half Marathon alongside two inspiring men who each spent more than three decades in prison for crimes they did not commit, George Perrot and Victor Rosario. 

Freedom Run 2016!

On August 6, team members gathered for a brand new tradition, the Freedom Run, which spanned 25 miles from Brighton to Lowell. The Freedom Run honors team member Victor Rosario’s birthday running tradition, begun on the day he turned 50 in prison, of running one lap of the prison interior for every year of his life. Four runners made the entire journey with Victor, and many others joining him for the final 10K of his journey. The day ended with an emotional and joyful birthday gathering. 

Baking, Dancing & Strength Training for Innocence!

In June, team member Pamela Boykin organized a fantastic and innovative fundraiser, Dancing for Innocence, to raise money and awareness for the problem of wrongful convictions. The event partnered Running for Innocence with several other organizations committed to the fight against wrongful convictions. October brought two more creative and successful fundraising efforts by team members. Kids Running for Innocence held a Yard Sale & Bake Sale, drawing neighbors, friends and supporters including exoneree and RFI supporter Dennis Maher and his family. And RFI team member Jessica Lee organized a fundraiser in collaboration with MyStryde Studio, with a fantastic conditioning class for runners.

NYC Marathon & First Place Team at the Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K!

November 6 was an especially big day for the Running for Innocence Team. Victor Rosario completed the New York City Marathon – his first full marathon since achieving his freedom in 2014 – with the help and support of many team members. 

And in Lexington, a phenomenal team of runners of all ages completed the Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K, taking home the “first place team” award! 


 Lots to celebrate this holiday season!

We ended the year with the New England Innocence Project and CPCS Innocence Program’s holiday gathering, where we celebrated the newly attained freedom of two wrongfully convicted men who together spent nearly fifty years in prison.

Looking ahead to 2017!

There’s lots to look forward to – and lots of work to do for innocence – in the year ahead. We are currently putting together a team of runners to join us on May 7 for the Newburyport River Run 5K/ Half Marathon. For runners interested in taking on a full marathon, we are starting to put together a team for the Bay State Marathon in Lowell, which will take place on October 22. Additional events will be announced as they are planned, and you can always email us at or “like” us on Facebook if you want to hear about the latest team updates.

Thank you for your support!

Whether you ran or cheered or volunteered or donated or organized a fundraiser or shared our efforts on Facebook, you helped make 2016 a year to be remembered and celebrated. Thank you for participating in or supporting the Running for Innocence team, and for helping our team to support the New England Innocence Project and its partners in their fight to combat wrongful convictions and free the innocent. 


To read more about the Running for Innocence team:

To read about the New England Innocence Project:


Running for Innocence at Mystryde running studio in the North End!


RFI Team at the 2015 Genesis Battlegreen 10K

Saturday, October 22, 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.Greetings Running for Innocence team members, friends, and supporters!

RFI team member Jessica Lee has partnered with Mystryde, downtown Boston’s first-ever running studio, to host a fantastic training and fundraising event to support our team’s 2016 Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K run. Think spin class, but on a treadmill. Mystryde coach Cara Bednar will teach an outdoor version of their Power Stryde class, which is a combination of running and strength exercises (similar to a bootcamp). It’s a great workout for cross training and just training in general. It’s also good for all levels!

The class will be held rain or shine on October 22nd at 10:15am. at Mystryde, which is located on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End neighborhood. The class will run for 45 minutes. There is easy access to Haymarket or North Station MBTA stations. If you are driving, Jessica suggests parking at Parcel 7 Garage above Haymarket — for the cost of a single purchase from the convenience store across the street, you get 2 hours of validated parking for $1.
There is a minimum suggested donation of $15 to attend. If you’re interested, please RSVP directly to Jessica,, and bring cash to the event or donate on her Crowdrise team page (Jessica can check proof of donation the morning of).  Classes at Mystryde are normally $29, so this is a great deal for a great cause and also a chance for all those who will be running with the team on November 6 to train together before the big day!
Questions? Feel free to email Jessica directly at

Join the Kids Running for Innocence team at the Lexington Battlegreen Run!


What is Running for Innocence Kids?

Running for Innocence Kids is a branch of Running for Innocence, a charity running team created to raise money for the New England Innocence Project and to raise awareness about the clients of the New England Innocence Project, who have been wrongfully convicted and maintain their innocence. Running for Innocence Kids was started by three sixth graders (now starting seventh grade) from Somerville, Lexington & Concord. In sixth grade, we learned and studied about the civil rights movement with our social studies teacher. After learning about how big of an issue civil and human rights still is today, we wanted to do something to make difference. So we decided that we would work with Running for Innocence and run together and with our friends for one of the biggest civil rights issues today: wrongful convictions based on race.

In May 2016, we ran our first event as part of the Running for Innocence Team, and we raised more than $2,300 for this great cause. We are proud to know that we, as kids can make a difference in the civil/human rights movement today. All of your donations to this fundraiser will support the work of the New England Innocence Project and its Running for Innocence campaign.

This fall, we are pairing up with Running for Innocence team members runners again to run a 5K in Lexington as part of the Genesis Battlegreen Run, and we want to double our impact by raising $5,000 for innocence!

When and where is the race? 


The race is on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 12:15 p.m. in Lexington. You will find more details on the event website,

How do I sign up to run? 

To join the team and run in the 5K, you need to go to this website ( registration is $25 for adults & $20 for students):

Once you are there, you should:

(1) Register yourself as a runner (select 5K (youth) for students).

(2) When prompted, select “join an existing team” and pick “Running for Innocence.”

(3) Let us know that you have registered by emailing

How do I raise money for the team? 

Once you have registered for the race all you have to do to start fundraising is to send the link below out to all your friends and family with your own small message explaining what Running for Innocence kids is and why it is important.

Want to help but can’t run on November 6?

Even if you aren’t able to run with us on November 6, there are lots of other ways to get involved. The best way to get connected to other volunteer opportunities is to email the team coordinator, Lisa, at Let her know that you want to help, and she’ll make sure you find a way to get connected!

To read more about the Running for Innocence team, go to:

To read about the New England Innocence Project, go to

Join us at the Genesis Battlegreen 5K/10K Run!


Genesis Battlegreen 10K

Want to make a difference while you run?

Join the Running for Innocence Team for our second annual team 5K/10K on November 6, 2016 in Lexington.

Based on our team’s tremendous fundraising success at last year’s run, the Genesis Battlegreen Foundation made our team a featured team for this year’s event.

Joining us is easy!

  1. Register yourself as a runner in the 5K or 10K through the event website.
  2. While you’re registering to run, select “Join Existing Team” and pick “Running for Innocence.”
  3. Set up a personalized fundraising page by “Joining the team” on Crowdrise.
  4. Let us know you’re registered by emailing

New to the team? Running for Innocence supports the work of the New England Innocence Project by raising money to pay for the experts and investigators needed to help bring innocence claims to light. Our team welcomes runners of all ability!

Questions? email


Run with us in May 2016!


Running for Innocence Team, November 2016

Looking for a spring running goal to motivate you through the winter months? Join the Running for Innocence Team for one of our great upcoming events this May! We’re kicking off the running season on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016 with the M.O.M.’s Run in Somerville. This 5K is a wonderful, family friendly event in the heart of Davis Square, and we’re encouraging team members with kids to run it with their entire family!

Many team members will also be taking on the Newburyport River Run Half Marathon & 5K the following Sunday, May 15, 2016. The River Run is a beautiful, flat and well supported Half Marathon, also offering a 5K for runners not interested in the longer event.

Joining the team is easy! Just email us at and we will send you simple directions for how to get connected.

We did it! Congratulations to Team Running for Innocence for completing the Yankee Homecoming Ten Miler and 5K


WE DID IT! Eleven runners strong, team Running for Innocence completed our second group running event, the Yankee Homecoming Ten Miler and 5K. Braving the heat and challenge of an evening run and achieving many personal milestones, our amazing team of runners committed their bodies, hearts and minds to the goal of raising $5,000 by July 28, 2015 to support expert and investigator help in innocence cases – and far exceeded that goal! Congratulations and a huge thanks to our 5K runners, Andrea, Jillian, Pamela, Sean & Victor, and to our Ten mile runners, Angela, Julie, Lisa, Molly, Shira, Stephanie & Will. Thank you also to all those who supported this campaign by making donations, spreading the word, and cheering our runners across the finish line!

There is still much work to be done to support the many innocence cases that the New England Innocence Project is working on right now. One great way to get involved is to join the team by running in our next team event, the Genesis Battlegreen 10K/5K on November 1 in Lexington. Stay tuned for more details about how to sign up for this event!

Questions? Email us at

We did it! Congratulations to Team Running for Innocence for completing the Newburyport Half Marathon!


WE DID IT! Ten runners strong, team Running for Innocence completed our first ever group running event, the Newburyport River Run Half Marathon. Together with Will Swenson, who kicked off this year’s fundraising effort in the Boston Marathon, this amazing team of runners committed their bodies, hearts and minds to the goal of raising $10,000 by May 31, 2015 to support expert and investigator help in innocence cases. Congratulations and a huge thanks to our half marathon runners: Bill Comer, Lisa Kavanaugh, Yael London, Tricia Muse, Paula O’Sullivan, Victor Rosario, Karen Swenson, Angela Tieng, Rachael Weisz, and Jeanne Wolf.

There is still much work to be done to support the many innocence cases that the New England Innocence Project is working on right now. One great way to get involved is to join the team by running in our next team event, the Yankee Homecoming Ten Mile/5K on July 28 in Newburyport. Click here to read more.

Questions? Email us at

An Evening with Running for Innocence: March 27, 2015

Thank you for joining the New England Innocence Project on March 27 for our first event to promote awareness of the Running for Innocence fundraising campaign and running team! We hope the event inspired you to join our efforts by running on May 31 at the Newburyport Half Marathon, or by contributing to our team fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for photos from the event! 

Questions? Email us at