Congratulations to Will Swenson for a PR in Boston, and thank you for kicking off the 2015 RFI campaign!


Will Swenson kicked off the 2015 Running for Innocence campaign by running a personal best in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20 and raising over $2,000 for Running for Innocence! You can still contribute to his wife Karen Swenson, who is running our next team event on May 31! Here is what Will says about his effort: “In addition to being just plain fun, running provides me with a daily dose of freedom: physical, mental and spiritual. For me, running truly represents the privilege and gift of freedom. That is why I am particularly excited to dedicate my 2015 Boston Marathon effort to the goal of raising money and awareness for the New England Innocence Project in its Running for Innocence campaign. The money I raise will help those who are wrongly convicted to secure their freedom. Every dollar raised will help pay the costs of hiring experts and investigators, without whom many innocent people will remain behind bars for crimes that they didn’t commit.” Click here to view his page, or simply here!

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